Are you ready to transition off coffee without sacrificing the flavor you love?
No more burnout and late afternoon crash.

Experience the Taste

You don’t have to give up that coffee flavor or the ritual experience.

Crush Your Day

Power through your day without crashing, guilt-free.

Recovery and Sustained Energy

The ingredients help you recover from withdrawals, and adrenal fatigue.
Delicious and Easy to Prepare!
“I have been suggesting Raven Roast to clients in my practice since its inception. Not only does it provide an alternative to stimulating beverages such as coffee, it is delicious and easy to prepare. Raven Roast has been thoughtfully formulated to provide nourishing support and tonic qualities making it a wonderful addition to a client’s regime!”
Colleen Emery
RHT (CHAofBC) Master Herbalist, Clinical Aromatherapist, Founder Emery Herbals est. 2003
The morning incentive you’ve been looking for.

Similar Flavor to coffee

You don't have to give up that coffee flavor or morning ritual.

Restores Nervous System

Helps regulate the nervous system for sustained energy and more fulfilling rest.

Beneficial for your body

Less acidic than coffee, regulates digestion prebiotic herbs for healthy gut flora.

Herbal Medicinal ingredients

Designed to be a comprehensive formula that supports and nourishes the whole body while transitioning off coffee.

Instant or French-Press

Easy to make in your home or by a campfire. You can also make it bulletproof!

Add to Recipes

A great additive to smoothies and shakes. Try it as a fun addition to a cake or muffin recipe!
The Coffee Recovery Formula
A specialty hand-crafted small-batch herbal formula made in the heart of the Slocan Valley
Ramon Nut
Ramon Nut is sustainably grown fruit seed from Latin America that has a rich chocolatey coffee flavor. It is full of trace minerals and Theobromine which help with nervous system health, pH balance, reducing inflammation and increasing energy levels. As it is not a true nut it does not pose a nut allergy risk.
Dandelion Root
Roasted dandelion root has long been used as a coffee substitute. It has a deep earthy taste. There are many health benefits of this common weed including use as a digestive aid, liver cleanser and as a prebiotic substance that feeds healthy gut flora.
You’re probably already familiar with this tasty little bean. Without the added sugar it has quite a few health benefits such as reducing high blood pressure, improving neurological health, regulating blood sugar and helping to relieve bronchial asthma.
Roasted Chicory Root was historically mixed with coffee when supplies were slim. Traditionally used as a digestive bitter and to prevent constipation. The root is rich with Inulin which is a prebiotic that feeds gut flora.
Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb that is used for reducing cortisol levels caused by stress and anxiety. It has been shown to improve brain function, lower blood sugar levels and help with depression. It can help improve energy and build muscle mass.
A very small amount of licorice is used in Raven Roast. Licorice soothes gastrointestinal inflammation, helps with adrenal fatigue, and is used to harmonize the formula as is commonly done in traditional Chinese herbalism.
Yerba Mate
This ingredient is in the Mocha Mate – Caffeinated blend only. Yerba mate is a stimulating antioxidant herb that contains caffeine so it is only found in our caffeinated “mocha mate” blend. Yerba mate is known to be very energizing without giving “the jitters” or an afternoon crash. It has been used as a weight-loss aid, to help prevent heart disease and to lower cholesterol.
Product Label
About the Founder

Hi, my name is Brendan Murray-Nellis and I am a Registered Acupuncturist R.Ac., with extensive studies in Traditional Chinese and Western Herbalism.

In my practice, I frequently observe how coffee is fueling our high-stress pressure-filled lives. I know it fueled mine for many years. Quitting coffee temporarily helps with inflammatory conditions such as sciatica, tendonitis, acid reflux as well as nervous system disorders such as anxiety, insomnia, and irritability. People often slip back into their old habits only to have these symptoms arise again.

To overcome my own coffee dependency I’ve developed many formulas that tasted awful that end up tucked away at the back of the tea cupboard in a few weeks.

Having worked in the coffee industry I know that if the flavor isn’t right people will give up on herbs before the long-term benefits kick in. It has taken me years to develop a delicious blend of herbs that helps the body handle stress, improves sleep, reduces inflammation, heals gut flora, yet still provides the energy and satisfying experience of that warm morning cup.

I am now helping people locally in the West Kootenays, BC, and around the world to recover from the overuse of coffee with Raven Roast. We are committed to helping you transition to a habit that works with you, not against you!

“After appreciating a good quality double americano on the daily for decades and even the bulletproof style, I realized that coffee was no longer serving my nervous system. Since switching to Raven Roast, I have experienced significantly less anxiety and less fatigue, while still enjoying the stimulating energy of caffeine offered by the roasted mate. My overall energy and sense of well-being have increased and my ability to pull long days has actually improved.”
Chris Brach
Security Contractor
“I chose Raven Roast products to use as thank-you gifts for photo contributors to our community website. Brendan at Raven Roast was wonderful to work with and was able to fulfill my complicated online order promptly and professionally. I had made a special request to include a thank-you note with the mail-out packages and he went above and beyond to help. The best part of it was those that who received their Raven Roast gift were delighted with their new favorite hot beverage.”
Ron LeBlanc
Economic Development Coordinator
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Mocha Mate
  • Similar Flavor to coffee
  • Restore Nervous System
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30 servings per pack
Cocoa Ramon
  • Similar Flavor to coffee
  • Restore Nervous System
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30 servings per pack

How can I cancel or change my order? Who should I contact if I have a question?

You can contact us by email at to cancel or change your order.

How long will it take to receive my order?

If you live in Canada it will take 3-5 business days on average. U.S. orders can take 5-7 days but exact shipping times can vary internationally.

Do you have a caffeinated option?

Yes, we do, it is called ‘Mocha Mate’. The caffeinated ingredient is Yerba Mate which is a stimulating antioxidant herb. It is much less acidic than coffee and is known to have fewer side effects. Many people find that there is no afternoon crash from the caffeine in Yerba Mate. Many people use the Mocha Mate in the morning and if they need an afternoon drink will switch to the non-caffeinated ‘Cocoa Ramon’.

If I'm not a coffee drinker, will I still like it?

Raven Roast has a similar flavor as coffee, but its rich taste is enjoyed by non-coffee drinkers too! Try a free sample to see if you like it.

Why wouldn’t I drink coffee?

Coffee has many effects on our bodies that can trigger inflammations from sciatica to ulcers, digestive disorders to adrenal fatigue. It has a powerful ability to dehydrate us and pull out trace minerals as well as stimulate our nervous system’s stress response. These effects are often cumulative and vary from person to person. Many people drink Raven Roast to reduce their coffee intake while still indulging in an espresso drink on occasion, while others are highly sensitive to caffeine and find our caffeinated version ‘Mocha Mate’ highly stimulating. We’re here to help whether you are just avoiding your afternoon latte or quitting coffee for good.

Can I buy Raven Roast at the store?

Raven Roast is available at a growing number of stores in B.C. Contact us if you are an interested vendor in Canada or the U.S. We want to be on the shelves in your area. Our Raven Roast tins are exclusively available in stores. Bulk biodegradable bags for refills are available for zero waste stores and cafes.