26 Jun

Hello and welcome to Raven Roast’s Blog!

by Rachelle Perkins

My husband started making Raven Roast, an herbal blend coffee alternative, for himself to curb his own coffee habit about six years ago…then expanded to selling to his patients at Raven Acupuncture…and now look at us!  We have Raven Roast fans from Vancouver to St. Johns! Our little company is growing SO FAST and we are so excited to have a place to share our news and fun innovations with you.  

The Raven Roast team consists of my husband, Brendan Murray-Nellis R.Ac. and myself (Rachelle). 

Brendan & Rachelle

The two of us do almost all of the production, packaging, shipping, supply ordering, and customer service. Sometimes Brendan’s dad also helps out with the production of our coffee alternative.  Thanks Robert!

Popi, Nana and Lyall

 My mother-in-law wrangles our very high energy three year old on production days and has come up with some really innovative and creative ways to use our herbal coffee substitute in desserts and baking. Thanks Sheila!

Then of course we have the indispensable benefit of working with a few creative, computer literate, and artistic folks on the sidelines, but more about them later. When we say this is a small family run business that has been built from the ground up, we are being extremely literal, haha. 

So, that’s us! I’m looking forward to having a place to share more news about us, our collaborators, recipes and more!

Have you tried one of our coffee alternative, herbal blends yet?  Get FREE SHIPPING on your first order with us (just use ‘RAVEN21’ at the checkout!).  Save some money as this offer is only available until the end of 2021!  Or maybe you just want a small taste test? Check out our available samples of Cocoa Ramon or Mocha Mate.

Until next time fans!

Newer Raven Roast Smoothie with Whipped Coconut Cream
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