07 Feb

Raven Roast Giveaway Potter

Emma Hunter’s Common Ceramics

Common Ceramics sgraffito mug

A series of nature themed sgraffito style mugs.

We are feeling very fortunate to combine our Raven Roast Coffee Alternative Giveaway with a hand thrown mug from local potter Emma Hunter of Common Ceramics. I met Emma a few years ago while taking a beginners pottery workshop at one of our local studios. She was co-teaching with the studio owner. Emma is a youthful person, who exudes competence in her chosen craft. You can tell when working along side her that she cares more about making pottery than she does about the rest of the world. I’m always impressed when people know the thing they want to do with their lives, and then just…do that thing.

Common Ceramics wheel throwing

Emma on the wheel

Emma started early, working with clay in her high school art class. Finding that she had a passion for it, she followed up afterwards by attending Kootenay School of the Arts ceramics program. Since then she has continued to hone her craft, working and teaching out of Good Pottery studio in the Slocan Valley. Her work is sincere, gracefully rustic, and whimsical. It often involves cute animals and cuss words. While life conspired to bring Emma to pottery early, she is determined to carry it right on through to old age.

Common Ceramics potted plant

A potted plant enjoys a Common Ceramics made home.

I spoke with Emma a bit about herself and her work.

RR How long have you been making pottery? What inspired you to start?

E I used it as an escape in high school and spent my lunches and time in between classes in the art room. I was lucky enough to attend a school with wheels, and a kiln and my teacher even taught me how to mix glazes.*

*Glazes are mixed from powdered minerals and chemicals that can be quite expensive and also sometimes toxic…so cool teacher.

RR What aspect of pottery gives you the most joy? Is there a certain type/style of piece you particularly like to make? 

E I didn’t spend structured time working with clay in high school. I mostly hand built [formed by hand vs using a wheel or a mold] whatever came to mind in the moment. But when I attended Kootenay School of the Arts we would have projects like “10 thrown mugs, 5 hand built lighting prototypes and a run of glaze tests” and they would all be due in a week. I got to try a lot of different techniques, and I built muscle memory on the wheel. The work I made that represented me the most was the work I illustrated and created text on via sgraffito*.

*Sgraffito is a decorating technique where you layer different colors of clay on your formed piece, and then scratch off the outer layer so that the design you want shows through. It ends up looking quite like a woodcut, with lots of texture and character.

Common Ceramics

Some of Emma’s text “sgraffito” work

RR Can you tell us a bit about yourself, as an artist or just as a human?

E I live the quintessential and reclusive life of a really old and boring potter, and I’ll probably be doing that for the rest of my life because it makes me happy.

RR Anything up and coming to look forward to?

E I have lots to look forward to right now! I have been working on 3D modelling and printing ceramic mason jar molds [a cast to make uniform shaped pottery “mason jars” that a standard mason jar lid could screw on to]. Hopefully one day I will make the perfect mold, but right now I am learning how to work with silicone and flexible printer filament. I’m also constantly dreaming about porcelain lighting. 

RR Where can we find your work?

E I have a super basic website that you can purchase from: commonceramics.com, as well as on Instagram  @commonceramics. 

Win a mug from Common Ceramics!

Common Ceramics Valentine mug

A conversation hearts mug by Common Ceramics

Thanks for meeting our Raven Roast Giveaway Potter Emma Hunter of Common Ceramics! You can win a Valentine’s themed mug from Common Ceramics along with two tins of Raven Roast Coffee Alternative (your choice non-caffeinated Cocoa Ramon or caffeinated Mocha Mate)! Plus second and third prizes!

Enter the giveaway on our Instagram @RavenRoaster or on our Raven Roast Facebook page! Emma traded her beautiful mug for our giveaway for a pouch of Raven Roast’s up and coming Chaga Cinnamon Hot Cocoa blend. Thank you Emma!!

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